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Innovating the way we play . . .

Two Worlds - One Yo-Yo

Responsive and Non-Responsive Play

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Advanced Tricks Capability

Modular System for 2 unique styles of play

Master the most advanced tricks

Wooden Yo-yos

Aluminum Yo-Yos


From our blog

  • Otterly Outrageous Desk-top Yo-yo Display Stand

    Our river otter looks like he just crawled out of the water from a long swim. This Hansa River Otter stuffed animal clearly has been handmade with love! Sweet eyes, big webbed feet, a white chest covered with luxurious fur

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  • Smaller-Than-Yo.. Pocket Rocket. Its String Time. Get your fun on..

    Given that the Pocket Rocket is small enough to carry with you at all times, the team here has elected to offer an incentive with the hope you might agree to join the “String Time” movement, when entering The State

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  • 2017 – Year of The Rooster and State of Yo-ster

    From this TK Yo-ster; With the exhausting Monkey year full of surprises (extraordinarily + and -) transitioning to the New Year of the Fire Rooster (January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018), the Chinese zodiac prepares Roosters for fresh challenges

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  • 1.618 or The Golden Rule

    1.618  or The Golden Rule Life is sometimes measured by the number of new experiences we accumulate. Others measure what is constant. There are good years and bad years in sap production for the folks in Vermont and the deer

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