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Innovating the way we play . . .

Two Worlds - One Yo-Yo

Responsive and Non-Responsive Play

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Advanced Tricks Capability

Modular System for 2 unique styles of play

Master the most advanced tricks

Wooden Yo-yos

Aluminum Yo-Yos

From our blog

  • The State of Wood

    “Mr. Speaker, esteemed delegates, colleagues, masters, novices, collectors, and friends. It is my unique honor and pleasure to stand before you (while sitting behind this keyboard) to state unequivocally that the STATE OF WOOD IS GOOD…” Seriously though, I’m stoked

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  • TK & Spindox Visit Black at Cirque du Soleil: KURIOS

    Some of the Spindox club went to Cirque du Soleil’s mind blowing Kurios show last night. We were lucky enough to see and then meet the phenomenal BLACK (Tomonari Ishiguro) – Super Star Yo-ist. He graciously agreed to meet us

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  • Why Everybody Wants a Yo-Yo for Xmas

    So, I’m pretty good at yo-yoing. Honestly, in a man of advancing years, it’s downright alarming to some people. Parents at the bus stop or shoppers at Target will ask me (to my wife’s chagrin) how I ever became so

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  • Way Back When, Right Now

    Just a continuation of a thought initially expressed on our Instagram… When this photo was taken, there were no ball-bearing yoyo’s. No aluminum yoyo’s or recessed silicone response. No whips, no rejections, no suicides. (Slack technically existed, but was to

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