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Innovating the way we play . . .

Two Worlds - One Yo-Yo

Responsive and Non-Responsive Play

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Advanced Tricks Capability

Modular System for 2 unique styles of play

Master the most advanced tricks

Wooden Yo-yos

Aluminum Yo-Yos

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  • Introducing the Silver Bullet 4

    TOM KUHN SILVER BULLET SERIES CONTINUES . . . AND A JOURNEY OF PASSION Over thirty years after the world’s first take-a-part modular yo-yo was introduced by Dr. Tom Kuhn, the San Francisco dentist and team are at it again.

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  • A Message from Tom

    A Message from Tom Since the first wooden yo-yo that I turned in 1976, a yo-yo has been my constant talisman. What is the mystique? A fine yo-yo feels good in the hand. It is fun to spin and to

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