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Innovating the way we play . . .

Two Worlds - One Yo-Yo

Responsive and Non-Responsive Play

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Advanced Tricks Capability

Modular System for 2 unique styles of play

Master the most advanced tricks

Wooden Yo-yos

Aluminum Yo-Yos


From our blog

  • The Sound of Joy

    The Sound of Joy Such a loud and complicated world we, the global community have cultivated. Sometimes a little break is all that is needed to recharge your energy level. Take a precision-tuned TK yo-yo for a spin. As you

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    Tom Kuhn is honored and thrilled to introduce this collaboration with Porter РYoshida to create Special Edition Black Cat and Fat Cat yo-yos! This is a worldwide exclusive, available only through Porter РYoshida, featured in their fabulous new Tokyo

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  • Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos are Made in USA

    Tom Kuhn’s Precision Yo-Yos are Made in The USA For over three decades, Tom Kuhn has designed and produced high-precision yo-yos exclusively in the USA. In the early days, Tom set up a small shop on the corner of Haight

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  • String Time II

    Oh Yeah…It’s string time! Save 20%, set yourself free and travel to your State of Yo. Your code: stringtime2 Happy Yoing

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