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Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos
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Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos
Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos

Stringing your Yo-Yo
1) Untwist the end of a new string to make a loop big enough to slip over the yo-yo.
2) Keep tension on the string to avoid kinks forming near the axle, and by pulling your thumb and forefinger up the length of the string, an even twist is achieved.
3) Then let string twist clockwise until proper tightness is achieved.


Winding- Basic Method
1) The first wind goes over the index finger and forms a loop.
2) Your finger stays there while the next few winds go directly into the yo-yo slot under the finger.
3) Remove your finger and keep winding. The loop will be wound into the yo-yo slot but that's okay.


Winding- Quick Flick Method
1) Place your yo-yo hand above your head and hold the dead yo-yo in front of you.
2) Place thumb of left hand on the edge of yo-yo bringing the tip over the string. (yo-yo should be straight and vertical.)
3) As you press and flick downward with the thumb, pull straight upward (not to the side) with your right hand.
4) A good, hard flick gets the yo-yo spinning out and upwards.
5) Now the yo-yo hand pulls up smartly to maintain the movement and work the yo-yo back back to your hand. As you get good at this, the yo-yo will rewind into your hand in one direct motion.


Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo tricks are like little space adventures. You're the astronaut, the yo-yo is your spacecraft, and mission, to reconnect with a happy, playful space within you. Your "spacecraft" is unsurpassed for a mastery of the yo-yo art. Within a short time you will find that the spins are long enough for you to combine and choreograph your own new tricks. This is the advanced "State of Yo."

1) Curl arm & wrist upward.
2) Throw yo-yo down with a sharp fling, turn hand down & stop all movement.
3) The yo-yo spins back with a good tug.

1) Begin with a spinner and slide the left thumb and forefinger along the string (out & up) to within 6-8 inches from the yo-yo.
2) Smoothly whirl the yo-yo in a circular motion, keeping your left hand forward and to the right of you.
3) To finish, let the yo-yo fall to a regular sleeper and then catch. Try pinwheels off the trapeze too!
Forward Pass
Hold yo-yo at your side, palm down & fling it out straight ahead and then turn your hand for a palm-up catch.
Loop the Loop
Starts like the Forward Pass, but instead of catching, snap your wrist & hand in a circular motion passing the hand underneath the wrist to redirect the yo-yo into another loop orbit. For mastery do one good loop and catch it repeatedly, then build to two and then three loops with a catch. Strive to send the yo-yo out so it stays nearly vertical. Ideal loops will go straight out without tending to rise or fall.
Around the World
Be sure you have clear space in front, behind, and above you. You can start this like the Breakaway, but by holding the hand still as it starts its upward arc, the yo-yo will continue in 360-degree circles until you decide to end the trick with a catch similar to the Breakaway catch. You can also start this trick by throwing forward as in the Forward Pass. If you are going for a record, find a nice open space.
Q: What are Turbo Disks?
A: They are linen labels applied to the inner walls of Tom Kuhn Ball Bearing Yo-Yos that provide optimum performance.
Q: When do they need to be replaced?
A: They are very long lasting. Close inspection may reveal fraying of the linen fibers at the edges. Simply press these back in place with your finger. If play is balky, check your string gap and possibly change your string. If it is clear that your Turbo Disk has lost an edge of adhesive and is grossly flapping into the gap, then replace it.
Q: The Central Axle Screw is stuck on one of the yo-yo halves. How can I remove it without scratching anything with the pliers?
A: Wrap a large thick rubber band around and around to cover the axle screw. Then grasp the axle screw firmly with the pliers and unscrew the yo-yo half from it.
Q: I notice that after I play with the yo-yo for a half hour or so, sometimes it acts rough and doesn't spin as long, even after I have tried loosening and tightening the string.
A: Take the string off your finger. Let it dangle from the yo-yo, you'll notice it untwisting-thus "relaxing" the string. Performance should be restored. If not, time for a fresh string!
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