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Special Edition Yo-Yos

  • Roller Woody Natural

    Quick Overview

    Sometimes referred to as the Stradivarius of yo yos, this seemingly traditional classic profiled wooden yo yo is made of hard maple wood for its superior stability, durability and weight. They are clear coated to enhance the natural wood-grain of this beauty.

    Under the hood however, this is the worlds most technologically advanced, longest spinning (sleeping) wooden yo yo. This precision tuned instrument sports a precision ball bearing axle for undreamed of spinners (up to 10 times longer than regular fixed axle yo yos) and a super advanced, patented, adjustable string gap feature for fast tune ups allowing maximum play ability and features Dr Yo’s patented Turbo Disc technology for optimum predictability. A beginner’s confidence will build quickly while more advanced players will blaze new trails in the art of yo-yo play. A great gift for young as well as seasoned players.


  • No Jive Mandala 6

    Quick Overview

    No Jive Mandala 6 is a limited edition featuring original artwork from Oke Rosgana of Indonesia, in the traditional Mandala art style.

    These skillfully crafted hard maple wood yo-yos are enhanced with impeccable laser carving from Tom’s legendary design studios. Truly works of art, No-Jive 3 in 1’s take-apart, reversible design with replaceable wooden axle system, beautiful aesthetics, laser carvings and precision craftsmanship are a must-have for any yo-yo collection. The trademarked hex nut and infinity logo symbolize Tom’s endless pursuit of the finest quality, design and product integrity.

    Weight: 59.2g
    Diameter: 2.25 inches x 1.42 inches wide
    Fixed String Gap
    Replaceable Wooden Axle Sleeve

    Instruction Manual
    Extra Wood Sleeve (1)
    Extra String (5)


  • SB2 – Pocket Rocket “2 in 1” Yo-Yo and Top Set

    Quick Overview

    SB2 – Pocket Rocket “2 in 1” Yo-Yo and Top Set

    These two high-precision Tom Kuhn originals pair up nicely for the perfect gift! If you are a fan of yo-yos, spin tops, and physics and looking for the perfect fidget/stress reliever, desk accessory, these finely machined and tuned sensory devices deliver.

    Take 1/2 of the SB2 with its bullet point slightly beyond the outer body walls (the built-in “physics by design”), to date has achieved spin-time of 5.1548 minutes. Same play with the Pocket Rocket. Spin-time to date; 2.9174. Too much fun! 2 in 1! This is real value! Included is a spare long axle for your Pocket Rocket spin-knob.

    Happy Spinning

    Happy Yoing!


  • Black Cat Special Edition YO-YO

    Quick Overview

    Ain’t superstitious? Tom Kuhn is thrilled to introduce this NEW BLACK CAT Special Edition yo-yo! The bead-blasted, charcoal black anodized matte finish highlights the precision laser engraved rim webbing, creating a hint of vintage bluesy. Combining a wide, b-fly profile with the original patented adjustable string gap allows the operator to set the gap for their desired style of play. Performance is further enhanced with the patented Turbo Disc response system. Playing with the Black Cat is a thrilling yet calming experience, inspiring a sort-of prowling vibe. It is surprisingly warm and comfortable in the hand making it a great, everyday play. Answer the call of the wild! Get yours before they are gone. Each Special Edition Black Cat is sequentially numbered and dated.

    Included Accessories
    Drawstring velour Carry Pouch
    Rubber Weight Rings
    Extra String (5)
    Replacement Turbo Disks (4)

    Diameter: 2.25″
    Body Shape: b-fly wide gap
    Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum
    Adjustable String Gap
    Turbo Disc Response System
    Ball Bearing Axle


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