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Special Edition Yo-Yos

  • SB2 – Pocket Rocket “2 in 1” Yo-Yo and Top Set

    Quick Overview

    SB2 – Pocket Rocket “2 in 1” Yo-Yo and Spin Top Set

    These two high-precision Tom Kuhn originals pair up nicely for the perfect gift! If you are a fan of yo-yos, spin tops, and physics and looking for the perfect fidget/stress reliever, desk accessory, these finely machined and tuned sensory devices deliver.

    Take 1/2 of the SB2 with its bullet point slightly beyond the outer body walls (the built-in “physics by design”), to date has achieved spin-time of 5.1548 minutes. Same play with the Pocket Rocket. Spin-time to date; 2.9174. Too much fun! 2 in 1! This is real value! Included is a spare long axle for your Pocket Rocket spin-knob.

    Happy Spinning

    Happy Yoing!


  • Silver Bullet 4 – Aluminum Non-Responsive Yo-Yo

    Quick Overview

    Silver Bullet 4 – Aluminum Non-Responsive Yo-Yo

    Over thirty years after the world’s first take-a-part modular yo-yo was introduced by Dr. Tom Kuhn, the San Francisco dentist and the team are at it again. The quest for perfection takes us on many journeys, exploring the world for inspiration. It has continued with our insistence on using American craftsman to produce the very finest.

    The SB4’s time has come! It is the culmination of a legendary quest for the perfect yo-yo, a passion for design, aesthetics, durability, and performance. Innovation in advanced yo-yo technology and machining mastery takes the SB4 to the pinnacle of form and function. We are thrilled with the results.


  • Black Cat Special Edition Tom Cat YO-YO

    Quick Overview

    NEW BLACK CAT Special Edition Tom Cat yo-yo! The bead-blasted, charcoal black anodized matte finish highlights the extraordinary precision laser engraved rim webbing. Combining a wide string-gap profile with the original patented adjustable gap allows the operator to set the spacing between halves for their desired style of play. Performance is further enhanced with the patented Turbo Disc Response System. The Tom Cat profile is surprisingly warm and comfortable in the hand making it a great, everyday play. Answer the call of the wild! Get yours before they are gone. Each Special Edition Black Cat is sequentially numbered and dated.

    Included Accessories
    Drawstring velour Carry Pouch
    Rubber Weight Rings
    Extra String #8 Cotton (5)
    Replacement Turbo Disks (4)

    Diameter: 2.25″
    Body Shape: b-fly wide gap
    Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum
    Adjustable String Gap
    Turbo Disc Response System
    Ball Bearing Axle


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