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Special Offers

 SB2 – Polished with brushed rims


We’ve created this special polished SB2 with brushed rims to hide the scratches that are likely to occur, either from hitting the ground or rattling with the change in my pocket.  Add 4 grams of weight rings to bolster spin-time. This one travels with me.

We frequently hear that the original SB2 with the highly polished, mirror finish is too awesome to risk scratching so they buy another to beat up. We hear you.. so the new brushed rims are far more forgiving. PLAY!

Same price as the original SB2! This is the yo-yo that started it all! The world’s first aluminum, adjustable string-gap, high-performance ball bearing yo-yo. But please, don’t be afraid to play with this piece of history. Get one today… and PLAY!!

Happy Yoing

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