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Use genuine Tom Kuhn Custom Yo-yo accessories for optimum performance and enjoyment!

  • Axle Shaft Short SB4

    Quick Overview

    Axle shaft short SB4 responsive bearing.

  • Axle Shaft Long

    Quick Overview

    Axle shaft long SB4. Non-responsive bearing.

  • Silicone Response Rings

    Quick Overview

    Silicone Response Discs for SB4.

  • Weight Rings

    Quick Overview

    Weight Rings

    Add weight rings to extend your spin-time! Your Tom Kuhn yo-yo is designed for easy, secure pressure fit into each recessed side.

    For SB2, SB4, Tom Cat and Black Cat models. Made of soft, flexible Buna material. Weight; 2 grams each (set of 2 = 4 grams).

  • Yo-Yo String 100% Polyester Multicolor

    Quick Overview

    100% Polyester Type 6 Strings
    Best for use with SB4 responsive and non-responsive modes and best for any non-responsive yo-yo. The interaction between the poly and our silicone responce discs provide the perfect amount of responsive control.

    Use with SB4 and any non-responsive yo-yo
    10 strings per pack

  • YoYo String 100% Cotton #8

    Quick Overview

    Yo-Yo String 100% Cotton #8
    Best for use with all responsive, fixed, wooden axle yo-yos such as Wood Rocks, Lightning and all No Jives. Dr. Yo recommends this high-quality #8 cotton for all TK ball bearing models featuring Turbo Disc technology. The cotton fibers interact with the cotton linen discs to provide the ultimate in responsive control. 10 strings per pack

    Use with SB2, RD1, RD2, Roller Woody, Sleep Machine, Sleep Machine 2, Tom Cat and Fat Cat

  • Axle Sleeve No Jive Yo-Yo – Wooden

    Quick Overview

    Axle Sleeve No Jive Yo-Yo – Wooden

    3 replacement, Hard Maplewood axle sleeve for all No Jive 3-in-1 yo-yos. Yes, they do wear through with extensive play. It’s a sign of enthusiasm for the sport! When you play regularly with solid passion, there is actually considerable heat generated between the Maplewood and cotton string. As the string wears and tightens, the axle will show wear lines and ultimately will break!

    Change your strings often and your axles less.

    Happy Yoing

  • Axle Shaft – Original Silver Bullet

    Quick Overview

    Axle Shaft – Original Silver Bullet

  • Single Yo-Yo and Golf Ball Bag

    Quick Overview

    Weather-resistant, zippered yo-yo and lucky golf ball carry bag with belt loop clip.

  • Axle Shaft Pocket Rocket

    Quick Overview

    Axle Shaft – Small

    Special fine-thread steel axle shaft for Tom Kuhn Pocket Rocket Yo-Yos.


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