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Roller Woody Pearl White Blue Stripe

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Roller Woody Pearl White Blue Stripe

Sometimes referred to as the Stradivarius of yo-yos, this seemingly traditional classic profiled wooden yo-yo is made of hard maple wood for its superior stability, durability, and weight. This model is coated in pearl white and then enhanced with a narrow blue stripe.

Under the hood, however, this is the worlds most technologically advanced, longest spinning (sleeping) wooden yo-yo. This precision-tuned instrument sports a precision ball bearing axle for undreamed of spinners (up to 10 times longer than standard fixed axle yo-yos) and a super advanced, patented, adjustable string gap feature for fast tune-ups allowing maximum playability and features Dr. Yo’s patented Turbo Disc technology for optimum predictability. A beginner’s confidence will build quickly while more advanced players will blaze new trails in the art of yo-yo play. A great gift for young as well as seasoned players.

Out of stock

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