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SB2 – Pocket Rocket “2 in 1” Yo-Yos to Spin Tops Set

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SB2 – Pocket Rocket “2 in 1” Yo-Yo to Spin Tops Set

These two high-precision Tom Kuhn originals pair up nicely for the perfect gift! If you are a fan of yo-yos, spin tops, and physics and looking for the perfect fidget/stress reliever, desk accessory, these finely machined and tuned sensory devices deliver.

2 in 1; After enjoying a fair amount of time in the State of Yo, settle back in your chair, ready for some soothing spin-time (hang time). Take 1/2 of the SB2 with its bullet point slightly beyond the outer body walls (by design), leave the axle inserted as the knob and develop the perfect spin. To date, we have achieved a record-setting spin-time of 5.1548 minutes.

Same play for the Pocket Rocket. Spin-time to date; 2.9174. Too much fun! 2 in 1! This is real value! Included is a spare long axle for your Pocket Rocket knob.

Happy Spinning

Happy Yoing!


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