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SB2 & Pocket Rocket Rosette Yo-Yo Set

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SB2 & Pocket Rocket Rosette Yo-Yo Set.

New to the current collection, Tom Kuhn is thrilled to present these two newest models for your collection.


“Small is a beautiful thing!” Introducing; first, in the art series of laser engraved Pocket Rockets, this one is bead blasted and black matt anodized to provide the perfect canvas for this whimsical laser engraving.  The Pocket Rocket is more than a fashion statement, it is the worlds premier performance designed miniature yo-yo. Precision balanced and weighted with a high-precision bearing, ensures plenty of spin time for even the most advanced string tricks. Dr Yo’s Turbo Disc™ response system provides the control you need.

The Pocket Rocket Rosette is a Limited Edition of 250 pieces.


The SB2 Rosette engraving, within the valley of each yo-yo, borrows motifs from early European stained-glass artworks while paying homage to Tom Kuhn’s early mandala engraved wooden models. With impeccable laser mastery, the rosette petals beautifully and whimsically engulf the bullet point symbolically. At its centre, the TK infinity logo stakes its claim. The SB2 Rosette features bead blasted, charcoal black anodized matte finish applied to its special aircraft aluminium providing a perfect canvas to enhance this wonderful art.

Set price: $119.99 (a $125.99 value if purchased individually) plus free shipping.

Your investment in this set will never lose value. Order yours today, before they’re gone.

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