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Silver Bullet 2 Gamma Ray

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Individually numbered and made of aircraft aluminum with a ball-bearing axle, an adjustable string gap, and the Turbo Disc response system, the Silver Bullet 2 is a modern classic. Taken into space aboard the shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station by NASA, this precision yo-yo served as an instrument for research in zero gravity environments. The design principles of this yo-yo (with record-breaking sleep times and 100mph rim speeds!) are employed in all modern competition yo-yos. Representing numerous “firsts” in yo-yo design and technology, the SB2 is the most copied and imitated yo-yo ever. Countless others try but fail to surpass the SB2 in performance, beauty, and elegance.

Included Accessories
40-Page Flight Manual
Leather Yo-Yo Pouch
Gap Adjustment Tool
Rubber Weight Rings
Extra String (5)
Replacement Turbo Disks (4)

Weight: 55g
Diameter: 2.25″
Body Shape: Modified
Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum
Adjustable String Gap
Turbo Disc Response System
Ball Bearing Axle

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