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Silver Bullet 2 Infrared

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Quick Overview

The SB2 is made of aircraft aluminum and features:

  • a patented ball-bearing axle
  • adjustable string gap with
  • enhanced Turbo Disc response system.

The design principles of this yo-yo (with record-breaking sleep times and 100mph rim speeds) are infused into many modern competition yo-yos. Representing numerous “firsts” in yo-yo design and technology, the SB2 has inspired generations of players to push the envelope of creative, imaginative play, affectionately referred to as The Art Of PLay!

Each SB2 is handcrafted in the USA. Individually numbered, the Silver Bullet 2 is a modern classic.

Taken into space aboard the shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station by NASA, this precision yo-yo served as an instrument for research in zero gravity environments.

Included Accessories
Leather Yo-Yo Pouch
Rubber Weight Rings
Extra String (5)
Replacement Turbo Disks (4)

Weight: 55g
Diameter: 2.25″
Body Shape: Modified
Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum
Adjustable String Gap
Turbo Disc Response System
Ball Bearing Axle

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