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Tom Cat & The Rose Limited Edition Ball Bearing Yo-Yo

TK - The Rose

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Quick Overview

Tom Cat & The Rose Limited Edition yo-yos are laser engraved with an astonishing likeness to the Rose Window of Notre Dame, one the most well known Gothic Masterpieces in the world.

The wing-shaped Tom Cat combines a wide string gap with an adjustability feature allowing users response adjustment, enhanced with Dr Yos proprietary Turbo Disc Technology for predictable play characteristics. These features are designed to heighten the experience of an object made to appeal to inquisitive, playful minds.

Included Accessories
Stainless Steel Display Stand
Carry Pouch
Rubber Weight Rings
Extra String #8 Cotton (5)
Replacement Turbo Disks (4)

Diameter: 2.25″
Body Shape: Butterfly
Body Material: Aircraft Aluminum
Adjustable String Gap
Turbo Disc Response System
Ball Bearing Axle                                                                                                                            Brush Finished Rims                                                                                                                   Mirror Polished Fronts


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